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Eloy Overvelde

General team member, Experimental, Kinetics, External relations

Bsc of Applied Science, Science & Materials

Eloy Overvelde

For my study Applied Science, Science & Materials I focussed a lot on green chemistry solutions. I worked on the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO, and I worked on the photo-electrochemical watersplitting using p-type semiconductors. Catalytic reactions and sustainable chemistry solutions are also a field of interest for me. By designing for example synthesis routes for colloïdal catalysts, CO2 absorption columns and designing catalytic ink and the deposition technique. Now that I finished studying, I will start a new chapter at AquaBattery. This is a start-up that focusses on the storage of (green)energy in salt-walter reservoirs. With this technique the use of batteries will be of the past. It is important to find ways to convert periodic available energy to a steady source of energy. With this innovation, I believe we can achieve this. RenewCO2 produces formic acid from CO2 and water, via electrochemical conversion. This is also a way of storing energy in chemical compounds, free to use when needed. Because formic acid can be kept at ambient conditions, it will be an interesting addition to the energy transition that is taking off. Besides science, I am also very active in local politics for Party for the Animals in Eindhoven. With the right political agenda, I believe we can fasten up the process of implementing sustainable energy solutions to our society, such as the technique that RenewCO2 is working on.

Within the team I previously worked on the kinetics model With Sjoerd Klomp and Luka Stam. Here we determined the most likely reaction pathway on our chosen catalytic material via frequency analysis of intermediate states. With this modelling of our reaction pathway, we could determine how to optimize the material and what surface composition was most desirable for a highly selective conversion reaction. Besides the kinetics, also experimental team has been of interest for me. The designing of our experimental setup, and the procedures that will take place. We are very close to reaching the actual fysical experimental phase were we start working on the lab. It is of great significance for future upscaling to perform experiment and to optimize te system. Though it is more to the business side, I like to get involved with external relations. Right now we are setting up a team to talk about what place RenewCO2 will take in the energy transition, and how we will upscale as a team. How to implement RenewCO2 and our green formic acid in society, and who will supply us with concentrated CO2? Thus we will think about questions regarding the direction that our team will grow to in the coming years.

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