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Technical member 5~10h/week

As a technical team member you can join one of the following topics: Transport, experiments or prototyping. The transport sub team makes a model of all flows within our electrochemical cell, experiments will validate these models and prototyping implements the results in a working cell. The sub teams are guided by master students, PhD’ers, professors and external parties. So if you like to improve your technical and practical skills join the technical team!


PR manager 5h/week

The public relations manager will be in charge of showing what we as a team have to offer. The task contains for instance creating general visibility and helping with setting up recruitment events. This is the ideal opportunity, if you like to design and talk about technology. 


External relations 5h/week

Do you like to promote and talk to lots of different parties/partners while expanding your own network? Then this is the student team you are looking for. You can contact new partners or keep relations with existing partners warm.

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